I am probably watching TV right now

I got an email from a gentlemen boasting labor data that even the Bureau of Labor Statistics hasn’t published yet!

Retale, a tool that helps you scour advertisements for deals in your area, has produced a cool infograph on what Americans are doing right now. It tells you what activities Americans are doing at different times of the day: at 9PM, 34% of Americans are watching TV, 7% are still working, etc…

average american

The data is pretty reliable, as it is from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. You can even break down the graphs into various demographics: men, women, 45-54 year olds, retirees….

Even though I am not American, the model predicts correctly that I am watching TV right now. The TV is on in the background as I type this, so close enough.

Check out the infograph here.

Abbas Keshvani


5 thoughts on “I am probably watching TV right now

  1. The infograph is excellent. I like how the coloured graphs change instantly when you switch from one category to another. Kindly share on your blog if there are any freeware softwares or applications that are able to plot a graph similar to the one above.

  2. Dear Sir,

    I am a statistics student as well and it has been a pleasure to visit your blog. Your articles are interesting. I would like to thank you for introducing the infograph concept on your blog. I will be sincerely visiting your blogs more often.

    Warmest Regards,
    Hassan Ali

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