If Scotland becomes a country

On the 18th of September 2014, Scottish people will vote on secession from the United Kingdom, potentially ending a union that has existed since 1707. If Scots vote “Yes” to end the union, the United Kingdom will consist of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, while the newly created country of Scotland may look like this:


Basically, Scotland would look a lot like Finland. The two countries have similar populations, GDP, and even their respective largest cities are about the same size.

Abbas Keshvani


3 thoughts on “If Scotland becomes a country

  1. Good article with proper representation of data. Interesting comparisons too. These comparisons make me think that if Scotland had decided to separate from the United Kingdom, they wouldn’t be in that bad a situation after all. I think the media over emphasised on the glory of the United Kingdom instead of Scotland’s individuality.

  2. good info here,hope the SNP. use it to in INDEREF.2. scots folk are more travelled now,but a lot of the old folks got brainwashed by british empire etc. im 75 years old now ,found out i was in scotland at 10years old. SAOR ALBA.

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